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Let me introduce you to our family of six.  My husband, Grandmaster Jung Yul Lee, was born and raised in South Korea. He began his training there at 6 years of age. His life has been dedicated to the practice and teaching of the traditional Korean arts. Grandmaster Lee started teaching in Korea back in 1980. He arrived in America in 1986 and opened a studio in Pasadena with his hapkido master, Grandmaster Chul Jin Kim.  

I am Jodi Harrison-Lee. I grew up in Southern California, lived right here in the Foothills, and graduated from La Canada High School. I began my martial arts journey while in graduate school in 1992; yes, it was the very same studio in Pasadena. In 1994, we opened “The Martial Way” together and have been teaching in this community ever since.  We have four children: Eunki (our neice), 18, is a red belt; Jaegyu, 16, is a 2nd degree black belt; Jaemi, 12, is a 1st degree black belt; and Jaesun, 5, has just earned his yellow belt!

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