Martial Art Creeds


To build true Confidence

Through Knowledge in the mind

Honesty in the heart

and Strength in the body





Self Control

Indomitable Spirit


Home Rules

  1. 1.Children will respect their parents, teachers, and elders.

  2. 2.Children will be kind to their brothers, sisters, and friends.

  3. 3.Children will keep the house neat and clean.

  4. 4.Children will keep their hair, body, and teeth clean daily.

  5. 5.Children will follow these steps for success at school:    

  6. A) Eat a healthy snack

  7. B) Do all your homework

  8. C) Study for upcoming tests

  9. D) Keep your backpack organized

The Martial Way 
THE place to train in Taekwondo and Hapkido
We Strengthen the Body.....

Helping others experience the great benefits of martial arts is our goal.

For adults, besides the obvious benefit of learning self-defense, there is stress relief, heightened self-confidence, and some order in a busy, sometimes chaotic world. Above all, our program helps adults achieve higher levels of fitness which in turn promotes a long and healthy life.

For children, the benefits include developing self-confidence, self-discipline and many other positive character traits. We teach and reinforce this in a playful, structured, and safe environment. Throughout their martial arts training, children learn to be strong and stand up for themselves while showing humility at the same time.

Special attention is paid to the Martial Arts Creeds and Home Rules.  Children must memorize them and try to live by them.

....and the Mind!
Our Mission
Martial Arts Creeds & Home Rules

The Martial Way

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